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Volunteer State Community College Review 

Volunteer State, otherwise known as “VolState”, is where I have spent the last two years of my college career. In case you already did not know I am finishing up my final semester, and transferring to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). It is there that I plan on getting my bachelors degree in Multimedia Management. With that said it is important to understand why I went to VolState in the first place.

To be short, it was financially smarter for me to go to VSCC. Right before I graduated High School in 2015 the state of Tennessee came out with a new program coined “The Tennessee Promise”. Basically this gave students in the state of Tennessee to receive two free years of state college education. This is a big deal because some universities can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees. Next to purchasing a house college education will be one of your most expensive investments. This was an opportunity that would be stupid for me to pass up.

At first I was not very psyched about going to a semi-local community college. The forty minute commute, long days, and general idea of the community college atmosphere was a big turn-off for me. However after spending nearly two years there you become attached to it and not only learn to like it but also to embrace it. I had many fantastic teachers who where clearly enthusiastic about their jobs and truly cared about getting a student to really understand a lesson and apply it to the outside world. My classes were diverse, and I met many people from different backgrounds. I also mad many unforgettable memories with people that I would never imagine that I would become friends with.

Click here to listen to my final podcast where me and a fellow VSCC student talk about our most favorite memories while attending VSCC: Final Podcast

Here is also a quick look at the VSCC campus:

sound and slide on Vimeo.

For anyone living in the middle Tennessee Area, I would definitely recommend looking into to going to this school if you plan on taking advantage of the Tennessee Promise Program. If you are  interested in learning more about VSCC please click here: